House Republicans Looking to Change Illinois Constitution


Springfield - What Forsyth Representative Bill Mitchell proposed on Friday would force lawmakers to create a balanced budget.  

If they don't, they won't get paid, plain and simple.

Members of the House Republicans met inside the Stratton Building early Friday morning.

Led by House Republican leader Tom Cross, they unveiled a new plan to create a balanced budget in Illinois.

In fact, it was Forsyth Representative Bill Mitchell who introduced Constitutional Amendment 32.

It's an amendment that would bring in the Auditor General's Office to certify the budget is balanced, and if it's not, lawmakers will pay the price, not tax payers.

"If he says expenses exceeds revenue, then what happens?  We don't get paid.  Members of the General Assembly don't get paid.  Constitutional office holders don't get paid.  Services of the state of Illinois stop, except for essential services," Mitchell told WAND News.


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