Pay What You Weigh Airline Tickets?


DECATUR-A new study suggests something new and controversial pay-as-you weigh pricing for airline tickets.

When flying we're all familiar with weight reducing tactics like charging fees for checking baggage or making customers who can't sit with arm rests down to purchase two tickets.

But economist Bharat Bhatta says the cost of flying should be distributed more fairly among passengers.

He argues that heavier people produce more wear and tear on seats and it takes more fuel to transport them.

So he offers a few different pricing plans the best he says setting three separate fares based on whether passengers are at, below, or above average weight.

He does say however for the higher price heavier people would be entitled to more space.

Now, there is actually one airline that already charges by weight Samoa Air.

They started that in December.

We'll see if any domestic airlines will follow.

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