Scovill Zoo Roof Caves In, Copper Wire Stolen


DECATUR- The heavy snow has caused a roof to cave in at the Scovill Zoo.

The enclosure is home to a pheasant who wasn't hurt.

They're not sure how long it will take to repair or the exact cost, but say they'll have to reinforce it to make it stronger.

This isn't the only damage at Scovill. Earlier this month, thieves stole copper from the fountain in front of the zoo.

Assistant director Ken Frye says it's a costly headache.

"I don't understand why they do it or what kind of thrill they get out of it," Frye says. "It's a pain to deal with, but we just work with it the best we can."

Park police estimate the damage to the fountain at about 7 thousand dollars.

If you have information on the theft call Macon County Crime Stoppers at 423-TIPS.

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