Decatur has Worst Unemployment Percentage Second Straight Month


Decatur - Decatur came in at 13.7% for unemployment for the month of February.

That's the second straight month Decatur has lead the state.

Worse yet, that was a nearly 3% increase this time last year.

Representative Bill Mitchell said the state's financial problems aren't making it easy for small businesses to hire new workers.

"Talk to any business in the areas that I represent, small and middle sized businesses.  These are the people that are struggling.  These are the people that are burdened on regulations by the state of Illinois.  These are the people who have had a 67% income tax increase.  You know they're taking money out of their pocket.  Their expenses going up, so that's less money they have to hire people," Mitchell told WAND News.

Decatur edged out Rockford at 13.4% and the Kankakee-Bradley area at 13.3%.

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