Family remembers Decatur couple on one-year anniversary


A year ago a Decatur couple was shot to death. On Easter Sunday, family and friends remembered Central and Freedom Cunningham.

It looked and sounded like a celebration, but it was a holiday filled with sadness.

"It's really nothing to celebrate but I have to do it to keep my daughter's name going," said her Central's mother Mildred Mosley.

It's been one year since her daughter, Central, and her husband, Freedom Cunningham, were murdered, shot to death at the corner of Clinton and Grand.

"We just came to the crime scene where she took her last breath at," Mildred said.

A scene symbolizing tragedy, but a couple symbolizing love.

"She was always with him," said Central's cousin Otissare Mosley. "Whenever you see him you see her. They come as one."

But the two are now gone, with three children carrying on their memory.

"I have my daughter here because all three of them look like her," Mildred said.

"She loved her kids," Otissare said. "She did anything for them. Her kids came first and before anybody."

But now her kids will have to celebrate Easter and live a life without their mom.

"I'm grandmama," Mildred said. "I'm never going to amount to what she was. That's they mama. I can be here but they want their mama and they will never have her."

But they will always have her memory.

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