Logan County Paramedics Asking for Voters' Help


Lincoln - Next Tuesday is Election Day, and among the things voters will be watching is a paramedics tax referendum in Logan County.

Voters will decide whether or not to pass a tax increase.
The money would go toward the Logan County Paramedic Association.  It would be used to buy new vehicles, as well as make repairs to the current fleet.
The association's CEO told WAND News that this is a necessary tax increase to keep up with the times.

"In the 70's when it was designed, that tax levy was sufficient in those days.  The amount of money that it generates is not sufficient any longer in order to subsidize the service in a healthy way, and to purchase the ambulances when we need them," said LCPA CEO Steve Siltman.

Without new trucks, or repairs to the current fleet response times could be reduced, and jobs could be cut.

"One of the problems is if we can't stay fiscally sound it will eventually get to the point where we'll be forced into making personnel cutbacks.  Not because that's what we want to do, but because we won't have any choice.  And if that happens there is possibility, probability that some calls won't be answered as quickly as we do now," Siltman added.


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