Lincoln Funeral Coalition wants you to be a part of history


Springfield – You could be a part of President Abraham Lincoln's funeral procession reenactment in two years.


The 2015 Lincoln Funeral Coalition is now raising money to take part in the 150th anniversary of Lincoln's funeral tour. The group will need to raise about 750 thousand dollars to make it happen.


Former US Speaker of the House Denny Hastert told WAND from humble Illinois beginnings Lincoln was able to transform this country.


"He was just an ordinary man.  He didn't have a great education.  He wasn't from the East Coast.  He wasn't Ivy League.  And yet, he was able to go to Washington, and bring together, at a unique time, the right people to save, literally, save this nation."


If you like to learn more about the funeral procession reenactment head to

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