Abandoned Buildings Continue to Come Down in Springfield


Springfield - Parents tell their children to never judge a book by its cover, and the same could be said for abandoned houses.  What may appear to be boarded up, doesn't mean danger couldn't live there.

The city of Springfield has more than just a few boarded up houses and properties.

Hundreds of buildings to be exact.

Mayor Mike Houston told WAND News that although there are many buildings, progress is being made.

"Last winter we took down about 25 houses.  This winter we will have exceeded 75 homes.  Now that's a total of 100, but that's only a small dent in terms of the total number abandoned properties that need to come down," said Houston.

For good reason according to Deputy Police Chief Cliff Buscher.

"Our main concerns with homeless people that are moving in to them, living in them, especially during cold weather.  They try to stay warm.  They're starting fires inside and a structure could burn down," said Buscher.

Deputy Chief Buscher added that if you see anything, or anyone, that looks out of place near an abandoned house to call the police immediately.

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