Taylorville Restaurant Helping Out School District



Taylorville - Another year gone by means another year of budget cuts for the Taylorville school district.  Now they're getting help from a tasty, yet 

Ezquuiel Camacho has been a part of the Taylorville business community for almost two years.

Now he's decided to use his good fortune to help others.

On Monday's in April, Camacho will donate a portion of his profits to the local school district.

"We donate 10% of the sales that day to go towards the schools," said Camacho.

That money will go towards the district's technology fund, and it's money that will make a difference.

"Every little bit helps.  Any extra money that we can get into the technologies is great.  From the littlest things up to ink, projectors, tablets, anything that we can get extra for the kids and into students' hands is the best thing for our district and our students," said the district's computer services director Chris Kuntzman.

By filling the restaurant's seats, you'll helping the kids in the classroom seats.


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