Weather radios: a life saver


A weather radio could be a life saver. It issues a warning sound when severe weather is approaching.

"I think that will keep us alert and listen to it whenever we know there's a storm coming," Alice Howard said who got her weather radio programmed Thursday.

She wants to be prepared next time bad weather is nearing Moultrie County.

"We have so many storms that come through that I feel like really I need it," Howard said.

She had her weather radio programmed along with dozens of other people.

"One of my neighbors got one and they told me it's supposed to really help, you know, if a storm gives you time to do something, get in the basement or whatever," Randy Holland said who got his first weather radio programmed Thursday.

Because as soon as a watch or warning is issued, the weather radio sends out a signal.

"The last snow storm we had that was bad we had a friend that had one of these and it went off way before anything they heard on TV they said," Annie Hamilton said who also got her weather radio programmed.

The weather radio is programmed to an individual's home county. After it is programmed and at the home, be sure batteries are in it, plug it into an outlet and turn it on. Don't forget to raise the antenna. check for a good signal and turn the volume up.

"Outdoor warning sirens are only designed to alert people that are outside," Jim Root said of Macon County Emergency Management. "This will actually wake people up in the middle of the night. Let them know that hey there's a chance that there's a tornado or something on the ground and they can wake up and get their family to safety."

"Really we haven't had that many storms come through our particular area yet," Howard said. "Hopefully they stay away."

But if they don't, hopefully now she will be ready.

Midland weather radios are available at your local Walgreens or Schnucks stores. They'll be discounted until June.

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