Voters to Decide on Annexation in Arthur-Lovington Tuesday


Arthur - Schools all across central Illinois are feeling the affects of cuts to education by Governor Pat Quinn.  Now two local districts, Atwood-Hammond and Arthur-Lovington, are hoping voters will help them next week, in a mess that they say was created in Springfield.

"These voids are being created in school budgets by cuts from the state.  In an atmosphere or agenda driven by the politicians to the north," Arthur-Lovington Superintendent Travis Wilson told WAND News.

Wilson has seen his school's budget reduced, and says the state's cuts are making it harder for districts to survive.

Atwood-Hammond has also seen a reduction in state-aid payments.

"We project a $400,000 deficit this year, and based on what we anticipate getting from the state for next year, nobody knows for sure, but it looks like it could be an additional cut of $200,000," Superintendent Kenny Schwengel said.

Now the two districts are hoping voters will approve an annexation.

"For one it's going to provide more opportunities for our students at Atwood Hammond.  Two, I think it's going to give us a more stable financial future, which just about what anybody could ask for in these times," added Schwengel.

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