Caterpillar layoffs hitting families hard


For Sandra Sorrell and Candace Richardson, Caterpillar was a second home. The way they made their living.

"I thought that I was going to be working there for the rest of my life," Sorrell said.

She had been laid off from Caterpillar for five months. She knew she would eventually head back to work, but today her life changed when she saw the news on Facebook.

"So I called my CAT boss and she had told me that, 'yes, you are one of the ones that's being laid off. We will send it to you in the mail,'" Sorrell recounted.

Richardson hadn't received the official word yet but she was preparing for the worst.

"I don't know for sure I'll get my papers Monday but I know they are coming," she said.

June would mark one year that she's been with the company.

"What I'm going to make on unemployment is not gonna even pay my rent, pay my electric, you know," she explained. "It may pay a couple of my bills but I'm going to have to find something else."

But for Sorrell, that something else could be school.

"I don't know how I'm going to pay for it, but I've gotta do something," she said. "I can't sit at home for the rest of my life. I have to work."

Now their toughest jobs will be finding new ones.

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