Cinderella Project providing students with free prom dresses


Young ladies all around Central Illinois are preparing for prom season and one local high school is making sure the night they always imagined comes at an affordable price.

It was like a store filled with thousands of dollars of new and used dresses but each one was free.

"Some girls just don't have the money to spend on prom so we want to give it to them so they won't have to spend it," said Jessica DeBerry President of the 4-H Fashion Club at MacArthur High School in Decatur.

She and about 30 other girls put together this year's Cinderella Project, an event to find the perfect prom dress.

"Since this year money was kind of tight, might as well go where I can get a dress for free," said Aliyah Harvey who got her prom dress Saturday.

She had thought about the dress she originally wanted for about a year.

"Pretty much my dress colors, what I was gonna do with my hair and all that," she said.

The dress was too expensive though, but now she couldn't imagine herself in anything else than what she found at the Cinderella Project.

"I actually prefer this dress than the white one," she said. "Cause, yeah, in the white one I kind of felt like Cinderella but in this I actually feel like myself."

And if the shoe fits, customers can walk away with a pair or other accessories like a shawl or a purse.

Or need the dress altered? They do that, too at no cost.

"It's nice because usually a lot of tailors I go to are expensive and so it's nice to come here and get it altered," said Samantha Vincent who got her dress and altered it.

So this prom season don't see dollar signs.


"I'm definitely going to have an awesome time," Harvey said.

See an time and an awesome dress that's priceless.

After prom, customers have the option to keep the dress or return it to be used in next year's Cinderella Project.

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