Local volleyball star selected for sports program


One local girl has never been on an airplane but that could change if she can raise money to get to Italy as she follows her dreams to attend the Goodwill Ambassadors Sports Tour Program.

Meadow Syrcle couldn't imagine herself doing anything else.

"Volleyball is like my life," she said. "I love volleyball."

So last December when she found out she was one of just seven girls in the state to be selected for the Goodwill Ambassadors Sports Tour Program and the only girl selected from downstate, she was shocked.


"Wow. I don't know like how that would happen," she said. "I was almost in tears for how excited I was."

Her mom was equally surprised but thought her positive attitude may have something to do with why she was chosen.

"She doesn't have a bad attitude, you know, win or lose, as long as she's having fun, that's all that matters to her," her mom, Stephanie Syrcle, said.

She will be going with her daughter on the trip. Neither have been out of the country before, but that will only happen if the 12 year old can raise the rest of the $7,500 needed to fund it.

"If I do raise all the money, then I will probably get really really excited," Meadow said. "I'll probably be the happiest girl in the world."

"If we don't get the money, one of two things have to happen," Stephanie explained. "One, either I have to go beg my bank or I have to go figure out how to pay back everybody's that's given."

Meadow still has to raise about $2,600 by Friday but she's hopeful she will make it happen.

"I've been thinking it's going to be really hard getting used to their time because when it's day over here it's night over there," she said.

But it's a time that she's excited for.

If you would like to help Meadow and donate, you can contact Stephanie directly at 217-620-5231.

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