The Hot Crave to Chill Out a Warm Day


DECATUR- It has been four days since CherryBerry in Decatur has opened its doors.

The owner, Kendall Peterson said, nearly a couple thousand customers have been waiting in line, each day. He added, sometimes people have been waiting for about 40 minutes.

All just to get a cup of any of the twelve yogurt flavors offered.

He describes the opening as unbelievable and something he's never seen before.

Kendall Peterson, the Owner of CherryBerry said, "we have a lot of people that have been back three days and four days. I had one gentleman that ate six yogurts in 24 hours and I have never seen that happen before."

Peterson attributes some of the business to the deal he was offering. It was three dollars a cup. Now the frozen treat will be regular price at 43 cents an ounce.

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