Law Enforcement Say Doctor Forges Names On Prescriptions


Decatur – A Decatur ob/gyn admits to forging names of other doctors on prescriptions and being hooked on drugs, according to a police sworn statement.

It is an ongoing investigation that came to a head late last week, a Macon County state's attorney investigator arrested 41 year old Doctor Trevor Lineberry on Friday. He was booked into the Macon County jail and posted $7,500 bond.

The investigation started from an anonymous tip.  One prescription was reportedly made out to "Su Chi" Lineberry back in January for Vicoprofen, but filled with Hydrocodone. Those prescriptions appeared to be signed by doctors Jeff Pfeifer and Kathy Schafer. Both doctors work at VITA Center for Women in Decatur. When police asked the two doctors to look at the signatures they denied it was theirs.

Police say Lineberry allegedly forged signatures on five occasions. When arrested he had several empty pill bottles in his vehicle.

Lineberry's preliminary charges include forgery, burglary, and possession of a controlled substance. 

It's not Lineberry's first time in trouble, however.  His medical license was already put on probation by the state's department of regulation back in 2011 for obtaining controlled substances for personal use by writing prescriptions in family members' names.

Neither the VITA center nor DMH personnel could be reached for comment.

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