Mayor Houston Gives Springfield State of City Address Monday


Springfield - Springfield Mayor Mike Houston gave his yearly State of the City address on Monday.

Houston spoke before a packed room at the Hilton Hotel.
In his address, Houston touched on several issues, including job and economic growth for the capitol city.

"Our city is stronger than it was last year."

He highlighted the positive financial swing Springfield has seen since 2011.

"The city's corporate fund, which pays for the basic services delivered by city government had an average daily balance that was a negative $3.5M a day.  Today, I report that for the fiscal year ending in this past February 28th, the average daily balance in the corporate fund was a positive $2.8M a day."
Houston also addressed the city's aging sewer system, something he said the city can pay for now, or pay more for later.

"If the city does not address its sewer problems, the chances are that the EPA will mandate a program that the city will have to undertake in addition to potentially being fined," said Houston.


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