Congressional report raises doubts about FutureGen


Champaign, Ill. (AP) -- A new report from Congress' non-partisan research arm questions the future of the long-running FutureGen clean-coal project in Illinois.


The Associated Press obtained a copy of the report by the Congressional Research Service. It says the project's delays raise doubts that it will be able to hit a 2015 deadline to use $1 billion in federal stimulus funding. That makes the bulk of the $1.3 billion project's financing.


The report also questions whether the power industry has incentive to use the carbon-capture technology FutureGen will demonstrate.


Neither FutureGen officials nor congressional leaders involved with the project were immediately available for comment.


The often-changed project would remove the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide from coal and store it underground. The coal would be burned at a refitted power plant in western Illinois.

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