Program assists homeowners facing home foreclosure



DECATUR -- When it comes to home foreclosures, Illinois ranks as one of the worst in the country.  But there is help before homeowners fall behind.

The Illinois Hardest Hit Fund is a state program funded by the U.S. Treasury, and it's helping thousands of homeowners facing foreclosure.

Right now the program is offering $35,000 per household for those struggling to keep their home or pay a mortgage.

Program Director Joe Mcgavin said those who need help shouldn't wait.

"Don't wait until they've spent all their savings or spent all their retirement account," said Mcgavin.. "When they foresee trouble coming, they don't have to be behind in order to get assistance through many of these programs. They should get help as soon as they can."

The Hardest Hit Program is eligible for Illinois residents and property-owners who are facing a 20 percent reduction in income due to unemployment or underemployment through no fault of their own.

Half a million dollars is lined up to help families in Macon County alone.  Assistance is offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.

To apply, visit or call the toll-free Illinois Foreclosure Prevention Network Hotline at 855-KEEP-411.


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