Farmers, gardeners reacting to cool spring weather


DECATUR - The weather is always a factor for farmers and gardeners. About a year ago at this time, the dry conditions were a setback for farmers. Gardeners, though, were taking advantage of the warmer temperatures. This year, they're telling a different story.

The sound of mud. It's a sweet sound to farmers.

"Going into the planting season we seem to be back to somewhat normal conditions," described farmer David Brown.

And the moisture is a satisfying site.

"This would have been powder this time last year," he said.

Farmers are getting anxious.

"We're ready to go," he said. "It's time to, the show is on."


And it's about time to start their engines. Brown still hasn't shed his winter layers, but the cold isn't putting a freeze on his planting plans.

"Farmers will probably try to get started planting corn even if it's a little bit cooler in anticipation that things are going to warm up pretty quickly," he said.


Gardeners are certainly hoping for a warm up pretty quickly because right now the cooler temperatures are the biggest problem.

"This year, yeah, it's been too cold to plant anything really," said Elliott Burgett Operations Manager at Connie's Country Greenhouse.

So business has been slow.

"We haven't had any, too many customers come in and buy things," he said.

And to plant things customers should wait until the weather warms up.

"The cold front's a big deal it could come through and kill everything off," he said.

So look alive because warmer temperatures are coming and that means a garden will brighten up.

All in all for garners and farmers the a planting season is looking on schedule right. 

Pansies and petunias are good cold weather flowers and vegetable wise, cabbage is a cold weather crop.

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