Springfield Drumfest honors cancer survivor


A local drummer and cancer survivor was honored at this year's Drumfest. It was held at Donnie's Homespun Pizza in Springfield. The event featuring Grammy award-winning drummers. The event allowed the Springfield native to fulfill his dreams.

Seven days a week Jeff Davidson plays the drums.

"Get up in the morning play drums," Davidson said.

But last year, for six months of his life, he was fighting lung cancer and had to have his lung removed.

"I played drums five days after surgery," he said.

It's the drums that are helping him heal. Today, he's a cancer survivor.

"It was a great experience as a whole," he described. "Just an amazing experience to go through in life."

"There was no way he was gonna die," said Davidson's son Trace. "And it's real cool to still be able to play with my dad."

This year Drumfest held in his dad's honor, meaning Davidson gets to be side by side with his hero: Grammy award winner Dave Weckl.

"I'm just thankful I guess that he, uh, that he, you know, appreciates what I do or it affects him or it has affected him in the past," Weckl said.

The event raising money for Davidson and cancer research.

"Trying to raise as much money as possible to help defray some of his medical costs from surviving lung cancer so far," said Chris Noonan event coordinator. "Our friends at the Simmons Cancer Institute, we'd like to be able to donate some money to them as long as we are able to get money to Jeff."

So Davidson can still be a drummer every day of his life.

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