Officials looking at heightening security for upcoming Illinois Marathon



CHAMPAIGN -- The bombings at the Boston Marathon are now raising security questions for the upcoming Illinois Marathon in Champaign-Urbana.

Nearly 20,000 people will be running in next weekend's race.  Officials are now looking at ways of stepping up security.

They're considering increased police presence, removing trash cans along the route and even bomb-sniffing dogs.

However.. Illinois Marathon Emergency Services Coordinator, Scott Friedlein, said they won't be releasing any details of the security plan.

"We're going to create a plan, and the idea is to keep that plan so we can manage the event in a safe fashion," said Friedlein. "But if we blab what we're doing, then people can counter that [plan]."

Illinois Marathon wants runners to know the race is still on.

Even in light of the events in Boston, Friedlein said over 400 people signed up for the race Monday, which was also the final day of registration.


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