Quinn unveils $12B, 6-year plan for roads, bridges


Springfield, Ill. (AP) -- Gov. Pat Quinn's administration plans to spend nearly $13 billion over six years on road, rail and airport projects.


The program includes completion of the $487 million redesign of the nation's most congested intersection -- the Circle Interchange just west of Chicago's Loop. It's where the Dan Ryan, Kennedy and Eisenhower expressways and Congress Parkway converge. It hasn't been updated since its construction 50 years ago.


The program also lists construction of a new Mississippi River bridge at Moline and pavement and bridge repair along interstates 74, 55 and 57 in central and southern Illinois.


Federal money will pay for 57 percent of the program. About 15 percent is from state funds and local governments and other sources pick up the rest.


Online: http://tinyurl.com/bvs442v

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