Ill. House erupts over 'may issue' gun bill


Springfield, Ill. (AP) -- The difficulty over how lawmakers will craft a law allowing public possession of guns in Illinois has been clearly demonstrated on the House floor.

A pro-gun Republican -- goaded by a Democrat -- exploded during debate Wednesday on legislation that would let local law enforcement officials decide who gets a permit to carry concealed weapons.


Democratic Rep. Scott Drury of Highwood called GOP complaints about the "may issue" legislation "nonsense." Republican Rep. Mike Bost (BAWST') of Murphysboro began screaming his objections. The presiding officer repeatedly called for order because Bost was not recognized.


After order was restored, Drury said:  "We don't want someone like that carrying a concealed weapon." That set off Bost again.


The legislation failed. Bost and Drury both apologized.

The bill is HB831.

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