Illinois House Passes Medical Marijuana Wednesday



Springfield - The first real big hurdle, the biggest by many accounts, in legalizing marijuana for medical purposes in the state's history, has now been cleared in the Illinois House by a vote of 61 votes saying yes.  For patients, it's news they've long waited for.

Paul Bachmann and Jim Champion, both living with MS, sat high above the house chambers Wednesday.

They're hope was representatives saying yes to House Bill 1, a bill to legalize medical marijuana, something they said would help them live with their medical condition.

"I've become a prisoner in my body.  My hands curl up.  My legs will shake.  Just several hits off a marijuana cigarette, my legs, I can just feel them ease up," said MS patient Jim Champion.

That something the bill's sponsor agreed with.

"They see at the end of the tunnel some light, so they don't have to be criminals taking a product to help them feel better," Skokie Representative Lou Lang told WAND News.


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