Villa Grove starts clean-up after blasted by Thursday's storm


The hum of sump pumps rang throughout Villa Grove, along with the squishing of mud and the trickle of water.

"We got a bunch of rain, a bunch of water," said Justin Hutchison a Villa Grove resident. "Flooded my whole basement... There wasn't a whole lot you could do."

Now Hutchison expects to be clearing his basement of water through Saturday night.

"Oh yeah, there's a whole lot you can do now," Hutchison said. "Got a sump pump down there at the bottom of my stairs with a garden hose hooked up to it trying to pump as much water out as I can."

But for others the day isn't all about cleaning up.

"Oh it's great," said Don Sorenson a Villa Grove resident. "Just means so much to get them out of the house. Puts my mind to rest."

Because Friday the streets looked like more like streams.

"For me it's not been too bad," Sorenson said. "Just my garage got flooded. But for other people it's a lot worse."

Like Hutchison, as for him, even a sunny day, will mean a wet weekend.

"Got a whole bunch of water down there," he said.

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