Police Target Underage Drinking


Taylorville - For many high school juniors and seniors, their attention right now is focused on prom, but for police, their attention turns to students experimenting underage drinking, as well as drinking and driving.  Now, one sheriff has a strong message to the students, as well as their parents.

According to authorities, for teens, alcohol can be as dangerous of a drug as marijuana or any other narcotic.

Christian County Sheriff Bruce Kettelkamp, along with the Taylorville police and high school students, was warning kids about the dangers of underage drinking Tuesday.

"There's actually conversation, just around school, randomly about it, like it's okay, but that's a lot of our point for being here to show that it's not," said Taylorville senior Tori Davis.

"If I were to come back to school, and somebody were to tell me that a friend of mine or somebody that I knew, that passed from an alcohol accident, then I probably would not be okay," added Taylorville freshman Brianna Davis.

For students who want to drink Kettelkamp had stern words.

"You're not 21, don't drink.  There's a reason the law is 21, to protect you," said Kettelkamp.

He also had a warning for parents too.

"It's not okay to allow your kids to drink at home, it's illegal.  Or to allow them to have a place where they can have a party to drink, that's illegal," Kettelkamp told WAND News.

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