Barnes Garage Demoliton Set


DECATUR-For more than four years the city has been trying to demolish the Barnes Garage.

And now that will happen in the next 90 days and at no cost to taxpayers.

The Barnes Garage: its peeling paint, concrete chunks, and permanent scaffolding are more than an eyesore, they're a danger. But soon, it'll be gone.

City Manager Ryan McCrady says it's been a long time coming.

"You hate to see a building torn down, but i think we all know that's the best fate for this structure. There's no way you could afford to fix it up."

The Ballinger family has receivership on the building and has contracted for it's demolition.

McCrady says it's a big help to the city.

"They can do it cheaper than the public industry can and they'll get it down faster."

But it won't come down easy. The rusted out structure will be torn apart piece by piece.

Complicated demolition because heating and cooling units for the nearby Barnes building sit on the garage roof. The surrounding streets will have lane closures to accommodate the construction.

But when this is finally gone the land will become a parking lot for people who work at the Barnes Citizens building.

In other city news, Central Park construction is on schedule.

The recent rains haven't delayed the rehab but they have delayed planting.

The city manager says grassy areas will likely be roped off when the park is slated to re-open on June first. But even with the delay everything should be ready for the Decatur Celebration in August.

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