Autopsies set for Manchester murders


Manchester – Autopsies are set for today, for the murder suspect and the five people killed in the small Scott County town of Manchester.


Illinois State Police say, 43 year old Rick Smith used a shot gun to shoot five people. One year old Brantley Jack Ralston, five year old Nolan James Ralston, 29 year old James Roy Ralston, 23 year old Brittney Lynn Luark, and 66 year old Joann Sinnclair all died of their injuries, inside an apartment on East Street in Manchester early Wednesday morning.


A six year old girl remains in critical condition at this time. Police say Smith dropped the six year old girl off to a neighbor before taking off.


Ron Drake, Village President, says it is a shocking crime for such a tight knit community.  


"I never thought in the days, thinking that something like this would ever happen.  Sandy Hook, and the Boston Marathon bombing, you know seeing all that on the news, and then something like this comes to my town, and I don't like it.  It's a tragedy."


Police caught up with Smith hours later in a pursuit, they say he got out of the car and shot at officers. He later died in the hospital after a shootout with police. Police continue to investigate and search for a motive.

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