Local firefighters get hands-on training


Thursday evening's training session at the Warrensburg Fire Protection District focused on liquid petroleum gas explosions and taught firefighters across Central Illinois about how to be safe beyond heavy protection clothing.

A liquid propane gas explosion is just like a propane tank or a gas grill catching on fire.  Controlled explosions gave trainees hands-on practice, putting themselves in situations they could find themselves in. The explosions demonstrated ignition points and temperatures of fires. The lesson started in the classroom learning about the importance of teamwork, proper firefighting techniques and safety procedures. It ended at the Warrensburg Latham High School. Fire Captain Tom Buckley said that the main takeaway for the men and women is about taking care of themselves in these dangerous settings.

"The one thing that that's preached to us over and over again is personal safety, um being aware of our surroundings, um, a lot of times things that get firemen injured are they're going too fast, they're not taking time to look at their surroundings," Buckley said.

Thursday's lesson was put on by the Illinois Fire Safety Institute. It's the Warrensburg Fire Protection District's third training session with the IFSI. Each one has a different focus.

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