Free legal help for home foreclosures



DECATUR -- There is free help for families facing home foreclosure.

Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance Foundation is offering free services for those in jeopardy of losing their homes.

It's a problem across Central Illinois, especially in Macon County.  Last year over 300 foreclosure cases were filed.  This year to date, 115 foreclosures filed so far.

Chief 6th Circuit Judge Dan Flannell said it's not just a reflection of Decatur's high unemployment.

"This is not just a phenomenon in poor counties," said Flannell.  "This is a nationwide problem at every economic strata. This isn't a 'poor people's problem'... This is everybody's problem."

If you are facing foreclosure, you can contact Land of Lincoln legal assistance for help.  Or call the Illinois Home Foreclosure Prevention Network hotline at 855-KEEP-411.


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