Mother nature sports teams' toughest opponent


The rain was not just causing flooding problems but it was also washing out sports fields and some of this spring's baseball and softball season.

Thirteen -year-old Matt Skeffington finally enjoyed a round of catch outside with his dad because lately he's been playing a lot of baseball inside.

"It kind of sucks not being able to practice outside all of the time because of the rain," Matt said. "All you're doing is just playing catch and playing more catch and running... It's been kind of... boring."

And the words that describe the field conditions: "wet, nasty clumpy," said Matt's dad Brendan Skeffington.

But still, "they're a lot cleaner than they have been in previous years as far as getting them ready in time, it really hasn't been the park district that's been at fault. It's just been mother nature," he said.

Mother nature proving to be a tough competitor.

"We're three weeks in and I've had some teams call me that they've only had one practice in three weeks because of the rain," said Tony Albertina athletic supervisor at the Decatur Park District.

Maintenance crews have been working overtime to make fields playable.

"It rains five inches and normally that translates to we lose three days on the field," Albertina said.

But now thanks to the trusty squeegee that cleared fields when they were wet, the fields are safe and ready, as long as mother nature decides to play nice.

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