Health Department Reminds Well Owners to Test Following Floods


The Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department has issued a recommendation to private well owners.  

According to Terry Eimen, Director of Environmental Health for the agency, wells should be inspected following heavy rains to ensure that surface water has not entered the water well through the well cap, vent, or the sanitary well seal.  If evidence indicates that surface water has entered the water well, do not drink the water until it has been tested and deemed safe for consumption.  The water supply should be disinfected and tested to ensure that the water supply is safe to use. 

Due to the recent flooding situation, the health department has a supply of free testing kits that may be picked up at the offices in Paxton and Watseka.  The consumer will be responsible for mailing the test kit into the State Lab and will receive results via a report that will be delivered by mail.

For more information regarding the flood or well testing, visit the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department web site at or contact Terry Eimen at (815)432-2483 or at         

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