Plan B Pill Becoming More Available


DECATUR-The Plan B pill has become easier to get over the years. And now a federal judge has ruled that it should be available to anyone regardless of age, Making it easier for those under the age of 17 to get.

Brigid Leahy at Planned Parenthood says it could be easier for adults to get too. To get it now, adults have to show identification to a pharmacist. And if the pharmacy is closed, the she can't purchase Plan B.

But whether it would be sold behind the counter or on store shelves could be up to the pharmacist.

Pharmacist Dale Colee says there's not a high demand at his shop.

"At this point here, I wouldn't want to put it on the shelves the first day and that type of a deal," Colee says. "But if we get more and more demand for this, more and more questions for this situation, we'll make that decision."

But if one day the pill is on shelves, he hopes women won't take it more often.

"You don't want this to be your primary way of contraception," he says.

The pill is time sensitive and it's most effective the earlier it is taken. Pharmacies still have a couple weeks before they sell it to everyone without a prescription.

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