8th graders learn Holocaust history, life lessons



CHAMPAIGN -- The hallways of Franklin Middle School were turned into a Holocaust Museum Wednesday morning.

Around 170 students have spent the past five weeks learning about the Holocaust and genocide.

"They are hopefully grasping just how real this was, and just how real it could be again if we allow evil to triumph," said teacher Trina Wetzel.

Student Sydnee Tuggle did a project about families and children hiding during the Holocaust.

"It just shocked me... what they did and how awful someone could make people be," Tuggle said.

But teachers hope the biggest lesson students will take away will be more than historical facts.

Whether it's violence or seeing someone bullied in class, Wetzel said students "have an obligation to know what's going on around them."

"If you look away, you're just as bad as the people doing it," she said. "You have an obligation to stand up for people and do the right thing."


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