Local Family Giving Comfort to Kids with Cancer Nationwide


LOVINGTON- There's laughter whenever brother and sister Liam and Maisie Webb are together. But that wasn't always the case.

At the age of two, Maisie was diagnosed with cancer and had to spend months in the hospital.

"it was difficult being separated from everyone she knew, besides myself," says mom Laniesa Webb.

The hardest part, though, was being apart from Liam.

"i was crying in my sleep almost every single night," says Liam Webb.

"Ii really missed him and I couldn't see him that much and I really wanted to hug him that much and wanted something to hug," says Maisie Webb.

So to fill the void, grandma Gayla Trower gave her a doll. And a special doll at that.

"You don't have any medicine for homesickness," Trower says. "And that's where we come in."

Maisie's doll is special. Where the dolls face is, she can slide in a photo of Liam.

"It made me feel like he was there,"says Maisie.

Now that Maisie's back at home with Liam, Trower is sending other kids like Maisie these dolls, More than 150 kids in total all over the country.

Project Maisie hugs gives these dolls to families for free. They rely on donations to make it happen. If you'd like to help out, we've added information about how to give here and our facebook page.

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