Driver in deadly Pana crash pleads guilty



PANA -- The driver of a deadly crash killing two women and a baby last year has pleaded guilty.

Katie McKenna, 25, could now face up to six years behind bars after the crash that killed her son, sister and best friend in April 2012.

McKenna was originally charged with three counts of reckless homicide after the deadly crash in Pana's Kitchell Park.  On Thursday she entered a negotiated plea of guilty of one count of reckless homicide.

Witnesses say McKenna was driving around 60 miles per hour when she crashed. Her infant son, 3-month-old Kennence McKenna; sister, Shelly McKenna, 23; and friend, Melissa Keller, 18 all died as a result of the crash.

Autopsies showed both Shelly McKenna and Keller with marijuana and a computer cleaner that is commonly used for huffing in their systems when they died.

However, Katie McKenna's drug test came back clean and her fingerprints were not found on the can.

McKenna is facing a maximum sentence of six years behind bars and one year of probation.  Her sentencing is scheduled for July 2, 2013.


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