New details released for Sweetwater shooting death


Sweetwater – New details in a death investigation for a shooting that happened back in March.


A man charged in connection with the death of a Sweetwater man told police that he acted in self defense. The shooting happened in March near a home in Sweetwater, 20 miles from Springfield.


39 year old, Charles Brackhan was arrested shortly after the shooting death of 20 year old Aaron Fehl. Menard County State's Attorney, Ken Baumbarten says during police interviews and investigation, police say Fehl went to Brackhan's home to steal marijuana plants.


According to police Brackhan says he saw an intruder with a gun, shots were exchanged and Fehl died. He then told police he removed the body because he did not want police to discover the marijuana grow operation in his home.


Brackhan is charged with Concealing a Homicidal Death and Production of Marijuana. Police say he will not be charged with murder. A trial is set for August 12th. The investigation continues.

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