Shooting suspect makes first court appearance


Decatur – The man arrested in a Decatur shooting death appeared in court today.


22 year old, Cameron Slatter is charged with the murder of Toby Britton. Police were called to 728 W. Harper Avenue, in Decatur for shots fired. Police say Britton was shot three times outside the home.


A witness in the area said they heard gunshots from the area of 728 Harper Avenue. They observed a male suspect running from the scene, and get in a vehicle. The suspect then drove the vehicle to 1812 E. Lawrence.


The witness said the suspect got out and entered the home; he then overheard the suspect tell another suspect that he had shot Britton. The witness told police he knew Slater, and later identified him in a lineup.


Police spoke with additional witnesses who were in the home at the time of the shooting. The witnesses say they heard Britton having an argument, and then heard multiple shots fired.


Slater later turned himself in to police, when brought in Slater was tearful and told police he knew of Britton's death. Slater is being held on a million dollars bond. There is still no word on a motive.

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