County Market should help struggling Decatur neighborhood


DECATUR -- Construction on Decatur's new County Market could start later this summer.

The Decatur City Council passed the $14 million dollar project Monday night.  It also approved a TIF district in the areas inside Illinois Route 48, Grand, Oakland and Leafland Avenues.

The city says it should help boost business in the struggling neighborhood.

Russell Cushing, who lives in the West End, says he's happy with the new growth.

"It will bring improvements into... the West End. A lot of this is [area] is closed down and kind of deteriorating a little bit," Cushing said.

Nearby business owners like Harold Ryan, who owns the tenderloin stand on the corner of Grand and Oakland Avenues, hopes the store will boost his sales.

He said business has been slower than usual.

"With the bad economy, [County Market] should make it a lot easier to be here," Ryan said.

Several homes will be demolished during construction.  City leaders said those homeowners have already reached buying agreements with County Market.


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