$15.3 Million Awarded to Local Parks


Parks across Illinois will soon see millions of dollars in improvements. It's part of a project Gov. Quinn announced on Saturday in Decatur.

Forty-five projects across the state will be receiving money for improvement. One of those will be Nelson Park in Decatur. The park will soon see new development as well as renovation work.

In total, $15.3 million will be spent on the project. Of that total, Nelson Park has been awarded $400,000.

Governor Quinn told reporters, "we believe in renewing the spirit and having good parks and good nature areas. All across Central Illinois, is very important for stirring the soul."

The Governor said, these improvements will bring jobs and provide recreation.

Some of the other Illinois park districts receiving money include, The Lincoln Park District in Logan County, The Peoria Park District and The Village of Gifford in Champaign County.

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