Farmers Oppose New Ameren Electrical Lines



Springfield -  Ameren Illinois is looking to add new electrical lines going across central Illinois, but local farmers have said they don't agree with the routing, instead they've offered an alternative route, one that won't hurt their farm land.

"The farmland is the greatest natural resource that we have.  It's a big, big asset, and may be the greatest asset for the state," said Lee Corzine of Assumption.

Now Ameren is wanting to run new power lines through the state.

Opponents, like Corzine, have said that the lines will cause problems for farmers.

"It really does complicate the farming operation and it does reduce the price when making land purchases.  And every year we aerial applications and we have to adjust how we do that," Corzine told WAND News.

Corzine has offered an alternative route.

"We do have things like this route 51 corridor that makes a lot of sense.  The pathway is already there.  The farms that are going to be split, or could be affected by this, we already have that corridor," said Corzine.


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