Combating Poverty in Springfield


Poverty is something many families know too well and it's happening in Central Illinois.

Some people in Sangamon county are aiming to combat the issue.

From the working poor, to single mothers, veterans and senior citizens, The Sangamon County Department of Community Resources is trying to help anyone going through financial difficulties.

To showcase community action month, organizers brought together partners that implement programs around Sangamon County. These partners help people escape poverty.

What clients receive when they get community resources is more than a helping hand. They receive home energy assistance, utility assistance and weatherization. However, those are just a few programs that are available. Homeless people who don't have access to medicine, they help with that as well.

The Executive Director, Sharmin Doering, said, they try to make sure their clients have every opportunity to contribute to society

"Residents who are newly unemployed. They've lost their job. They don't have any income. They're scared. They don't know where to go, so calling community resources will be a good first step. . . That could be you or me and it's important that we treat people like it might be us one of these days," Doering added.

They work with families in transitional housing or even pay 30 days of rent to ensure they are not evicted.

With already established programs, Community Resources tailors and addresses the gaps in programs. One way they keep developing new ideas is by need assessments and surveys.

Their goal is to move those in poverty to the middle class.

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