Classes team up to create a unique learning experience


Decatur – Students from Heartland Technical Academy's Audio Video Production class are collaborating with students from Cosmetology.


Students from the Cosmetology class recently learned new techniques from a national hair show.  They will put their skills to the test as Audio Video students learn how to photograph their hair and make-up styles.


The models will each have themed looks, including earth, wind, fire, water, and many others in their hair and make-up designs. For the photography students, it is a chance to create unique artistic portraits for their portfolio.


"These days, nearly every student takes dozens of photos a week on their phones and with digital cameras.  Through this project, class members will learn good photographic strategies, including how to pose models to create a special look," said A-V instructor Gayle Simpson Bowman.


The class will be held again tomorrow from 9 -11 a.m. at Richland Community College.

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