Memorial Medical Center Breaks Ground on New Expansion


Springfield - Shovels in hand, pushing dirt to the side, all signs point to expansion of Memorial Medical Center in Springfield.

"We're adding 200,000 square feet of space.  We're going to add a patient tower with all private rooms for patients coming here to Memorial Medical Center.  We're adding a preoperative, a surgical expansion, a new operating rooms for memorial medical center.  And then we're very excited to create a center for learning and innovation to help create clinical situation and surgical skills capabilities in addition to education facilities for our staff as well as our partners at SIU School of Medicine," said Memorial Health Systems CEO Ed Curtis.

The hospital will be putting patient care at the top of the list.

"Clearly we're trying to create a safer environment for our patients.  We have a mission that's very clear that we want to improve one's health," added Curtis.

The expansion will also make it easier for staff as well.

"It really enables our caregivers to spend more time with their patients, explaining to them, and helping them cope with their disease process, and really on learning how to take care of themselves," Chief Nursing Officer Marsha Prater told WAND News.

CEO Ed Curtis also said with more patients coming to the area, a $145M expansion like this becomes vital when meeting the needs of patient care.


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