Jason Harris expected to testify against brother today



PEORIA, Ill. (AP) -- Prosecutors will continue their case against a man charged in the killings of five members of a central Illinois family.

   Christopher Harris is charged with murder in the 2009 beating deaths of Raymond and Ruth Gee and three of their children in their Beason home.

   Harris' brother, Jason, is expected to testify against his brother in exchange for lesser charges. Prosecutors say Jason Harris was present during the murders.

   On Tuesday jurors heard a forensic scientist from the Illinois State Police testify that Harris' bloody palm print was found inside the home.

   Harris has admitted killing one child, 14-year-old Dillen Constant. But Harris claims he did so after walking in on the boy killing his family.

   Jurors also heard testimony about shoe prints found in and outside the Gee home.


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