Lawmakers Stew Over IDOT Audit


Decatur - A new audit has found that less than half of the money from the state Road Fund has gone toward direct road construction costs.  On Wednesday, Republican lawmakers blasted IDOT on the floor of the Illinois House.

The audit released Tuesday states that in eight of the past 10 years more than half of the funds went to pay salaries, road construction bonds and other costs. It also revealed overpayments to state health insurance and worker's compensation funds.

The Road Fund had about $25 billion in revenues between 2003 and 2012 from fuel taxes, motorist fees and federal stimulus funds.

Lawmakers requested the audit after questions arose about how the money was used. For example, former Gov. Rod Blagojevich used some money for a summer jobs program in 2008.

Republican state Sen. Bill Brady says the audit proves taxpayers still are being cheated.  State Rep. Bill Mitchell of Forsyth says IDOT is costing the Decatur area road construction jobs.

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