Illinois Senate Passes Medical Marijuana Legislation


Springfield - With 32 yes votes Friday, the Illinois Senate made history by passing legislation that would legalize medical marijuana in the state of Illinois.

The bill's sponsor, Democrat William Haine, said the bill would be the toughest medical marijuana legislation in the US.

He added that the bill is about providing relief, not a high, for those living with illness, people living in pain, and people living with MS or cancer.

Those were just two of many reasons that some were hoping for legalization of medical marijuana.

"I don't think there's anybody in this chamber who's not aware of the fact that I have MS.  And I will tell you of the people that have approached me that have ms, the reason being is that it relieves some of the horrible debilitating symptoms of MS," said Aurora Senator Linda Holmes.

Others said that medical marijuana will only do more harm than good.

"For every touching story we have heard about the benefits to those in pain, I remind you today that there are a thousand times more parents who will never be relieved from the pain of losing a child.  As one of those dads, I ask you to vote no," said Highland Senator Kyle McCarter.

The bill will now go to the governor's desk where it will await his signature.


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