Generations of students walk through Brush College one last time


Sunday dozens of people said goodbye to a school that's been in Decatur for more than 150 years. An open house at Brush College Elementary School gave generations of students a final chance to walk through their former school.

A lot of people wanted to say goodbye to the school. Just to walk through the hallways for one last time. A sad day but happy memories for former and current students and staff.

Pieces of the past, pictures and memories will be all that's left of Brush College.

"Every year we kept saying we're awfully small," Smith said. "One of these days they're going to close us."

Now that day has come. In June, students will no longer walk through its doors.

"It's another chapter in the book as they say," Smith said.

Justin Acklin sat in the school's seats back in 2007.

"I just don't like it," Acklin said. "I want this school here all my life and now it's just not going to be here."

When he was a student, Joseph Smith was his principal.

"I love him," Acklin said.

Smith got to watch Acklin grow up.

"It's always a great thing to see them go through every year and then go to junior high," Smith said. "I will not see that."

He also will not see the footsteps that walk through the hallways, the signs that decorate the walls. 

Current students showed their families their classrooms and desks and generations of students walked through one last time.

"Now everyone's like what are we going to do?" Smith said.

Students and teachers will be placed at other schools.

"We'll be okay," Smith said.

But it won't be the same.

"I love this building," Acklin expressed. "I'll miss it."

By closing the school, the district will save more than $450,000. Principal Smith said most of the students will be going to Harris Elementary or Hope Academy.

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