ITEAM Uncovers Health Violations at Local Restaurant


DECATUR-Health inspections are to safeguard you from getting sick when you go out to eat. The WAND I-TEAM looked at inspection reports for Macon County restaurants for the past year and a half.

Dragon Buffet kept coming up for low scores. I-team reporter Paula Thornton looked over the reports with independent food safety expert Sue Summerville.

There were multiple complaints of food not being at the right temperature.

"If you want it cold, you need it 41 or lower, if you want your food hot, it needs to be 135 or above. And that temperature danger zone is where bacteria loves to grow," Summerville says.

Other complaints of a server not washing his hands .

"You don't know what's on their hands and what they're transmitting to that food," Summerville says.

And one customer complained a server was cut bleeding down his arm possibly contaminating the food and drinks.

The health department has told the restaurant if they don't score above a 75 at their next random inspection they'll close the restaurant for three days.

Restaurant manager Jason Li says: "I eat there too, I want fresh food also."

He says they keep the food hot when he catches a worker not washing hands, he corrects it. He also says it was a paper cut not blood dripping down a server's arm.

"Every time the customer leave, I ask how the food was," Li says if you see something speak up.

"No matter what, you can tell your opinion to me, no matter what."

Because he wants to keep people coming back.

Before you eat out if you want to see what a restaurant scored on it's last inspection that's on the Macon County health department website.


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